Identification Information
Title Shellfish Tenures - Coastal Resource Information Management System (CRIMS)
Description Location of commercial marine shellfish farms in British Columbia with information including company name and liciense information. British Columbia has been collecting coastal resource data in a systematic and synoptic manner since 1979. Resource information is collected using peer-reviewed provincial Resource Information Standards Committee which include standards for data management and analysis.
Data Custodian Organization BCGOV FLNRO GeoBC
Date of Data 2010-04-13  (creation)
Resource Status onGoing
Update Cycle monthly
System LRDW
Product Type Feature Type
Contact #1
Contact Name Carol Ogborne
Contact Organization BCGOV FLNRO GeoBC
Email Address
Phone Number 250 952-6557
Contact #2
Contact Name Sean Cheesman
Contact Organization Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Email Address
Phone Number 250 356-2374
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1) Is this data freely viewable by the public?Yes  
2) Is this data freely downloadable by the public?Yes  
4) Is this dataset available under the Open Government License of British Columbia?Yes  
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Metadata Date 2013-02-14
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