Identification Information
Title Shorezone Mapping
Description The Physical Shore-Zone Mapping System is a scheme designed for the classification of the materials, forms and processes that occur or operate along the coast of British Columbia. It has been specifically developed to provide an inventory of the physical character of the shore-zone and to show their distribution, extent ad location. The system is scale independent and provides base data applicable for a wide range of natural resource applications including planning, management, impact assessment and oil spill response.
Data Custodian Organization BCGOV FLNRO GeoBC
Date of Data 2005-02-28  (publication)
Resource Status completed
Update Cycle asNeeded
System LRDW
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Contact Name Carol Ogborne
Contact Organization BCGOV FLNRO GeoBC
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Phone Number 250 952-5012
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1) Is this data freely viewable by the public?Yes  
2) Is this data freely downloadable by the public?No  
4) Is this dataset available under the Open Government License of British Columbia?No  
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Online Resource Name Physical Shore-Zone Mapping System for British Columbia
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Online Resource Name Biological Shore-Zone Mapping System
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Metadata Date 2015-02-16
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