Clendinning Lake

Feature Type:Lake - Inland body of standing water.
Name Authority: BC Geographical Names Office
Relative Location: Headwaters of Clendinning Creek, N of Princess Louisa Inlet, Jervis Inlet, Lillooet Land District
Tags: World War II
Latitude-Longitude: 50°27'21''N, 123°53'15''W at the approximate centre of this feature.
Datum: NAD83
NTS Map: 92J/5

Origin Notes and History:

Clendenning Lake adopted 18 January 1980, as submitted December 1979 by Alpine Club of Canada in association with the creek of the same name (file P.1.51). Spelling changed to "Clendinning" 19 September 1990 on 92 J/5 - the correct spelling of the family name. See Clendinning Creek for origin information.

Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office