Comiaken Land District

Feature Type:Land District - A territorial division with legally defined boundaries for administrative purposes.
Name Authority: BC Geographical Names Office
Relative Location: SE side of Vancouver Island, between Cowichan and Chemainus Land Districts
Latitude-Longitude: 48°49'29"N, 123°37'34"W at the approximate centre of this feature.
Datum: WGS84
NTS Map: 92B/13

Origin Notes and History:

"Comiaken Hill, site of Father Rondeault's Old Stone, or Butter, Church has been recorded as meaning ' to pull grass or hay up by the roots' or 'Indians by the sea'... (T.W. Paterson, "Mapmakers Have Been Unkind to the Original Name-Givers," Cowichan Valley Citizen, 16 November 2005.)

Source: included with note