Crooked River

Feature Type:River - Watercourse of variable size, which has tributaries and flows into a body of water or a larger watercourse.
Name Authority: BC Geographical Names Office
Relative Location: Flows N from Summit Lake into McLeod Lake, N of Prince George, Cariboo Land District
Latitude-Longitude: 54°50'19"N, 122°53'15"W at the approximate mouth of this feature.
Datum: WGS84
NTS Map: 93J/15
Related Maps: 93J/10

Origin Notes and History:

Adopted 4 March 1947 as labelled on BC map 1G, 1916, and as identified in the 1930 BC Gazetteer.

Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office

Headwaters at 54 19 - 122 40 on 93J/7.

Source: Canadian Geographical Names Database, Ottawa