Little River

Feature Type:Community - An unincorporated populated place, generally with a population of 50 or more, and having a recognized central area that might contain a post office, store and/or community hall, etc, intended for the use of the general public in the region.
Name Authority: BC Geographical Names Office
Relative Location: N. of Comox Harbour, Comox Land District
Latitude-Longitude: 49°44'00''N, 124°55'00''W at the approximate population centre of this feature.
Datum: NAD27
NTS Map: 92F/10
Related Maps: 92F

Origin Notes and History:

Little River (settlement) adopted 2 November 1950 on 92F. Form of name changed to Little River (landing) 31 October 1980 on 92F/10. Form of name changed to Little River (community) 31 May 1983 on 92F/10.

Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office