Octopus Islands Marine Park

Feature Type:Provincial Marine Park - A park designated and administered by the Province, primarily for water-oriented activities, that may or may not be only accessible by boat.
Name Authority: BC Geographical Names Office
Relative Location: Waiatt Bay, NE side of Quadra Island, Sayward Land District
Latitude-Longitude: 50°16'05''N, 125°13'38''W at the approximate centre of this feature.
Datum: NAD83
NTS Map: 92K/6

Origin Notes and History:

Octopus Islands Marine Park was established by Order in Council 1043, 26 March 1974, containing 107 acres. Expanded to include the area formerly designated as Octopus Islands Recreation Area per OIC 393, 21 March 1989, the whole now containing 748 ha. more or less. Conversion of OIC to Statute designation per Bill 29: Park Amendment Act 1997, 23 July 1997; the whole still containing approximately 748 hectares (307 hectares of upland and 441 hectares of foreshore). Boundary redescribed per Bill 16-2005: Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 1 November 2005, the whole now containing 761 hectares (320 hectares of upland and 441 hectares of foreshore).

Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office