Parcel Fabric Section



The PFS receives data from local governments in a variety of forms, formats and of variable content, currency and quality. These data are manipulated, transformed, and integrated into the ICF. Notification of changes in the source records (Altos, Tantalis and valueBC ) are received regularly and are processed to identify those components that wiill require updating in the fabric. Simple attribute updates are made automatically. Spatial updates and ambiguous or indeterminate attribute updates are placed in a Maintenance Queue and dealt with by PFS staff on a daily basis

The ICF is maintained as an ESRI geodatabase (version 8.3) in an ArcSDE/Oracle environment. ESRIís versioning technology is used to manage database editing, which occurs both directly against versions in the database, and against disconnected edit versions in personal geodatabase format (mdb).







ICF Published Parcels in BC: 1,588,238
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