Parcel Fabric Section


  • Who "owns" the ICF?
  • The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) "owns" the ICF and controls access and use of the data. As a member of ICIS, the province can use the ICF for internal business purposes. The ICF is made available to government staff and authorized contractors and partners through the Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW)

  • Who can use the ICF?
  • There is no restriction to viewing the ICF. ICF data may be viewed at LRDW, ICIS or any other linked viewing service.

    Only ICIS members or authorized partners of ICIS members may download data. Partners of ICIS members must complete and submit an Authorized Data Use Agreement prior to gaining authorization to download data. This agreement may be found at ICIS under membership/data sharing and licensing agreements.

  • What is the current state of completion and maintenance of the ICF?
  • There is a ICF Status Map published by the Land and Resource Data Warehouse

  • How accurate is the ICF?
  • The ICF is a compilation of the best available mapping from local government and the province. As such the accuracy varies depending on how and when a particular portion of the fabric was compiled. It is the goal of the Parcel Fabric Section that the ICF complete (i.e. all of the parcels that should be represented are indeed represented); correct (i.e. all of the parcels represented are identified and described correctly); current to within a specified latency period (e.g. 30 days); and that regional positional accuracy thresholds ( e.g. <1 meter, <10 metres, < 20 metres, > 20 metres) are reported for fitness for purpose assessments.

  • Is the ICF a private parcel dataset?
  • NO, the ICF is an integrated cadastral dataset containing both CROWN and PRIVATE active parcels.

  • I work for the province and have a contractor doing some work for us. Our contractor needs access to the ICF cadastral data. Can they get access to it?
  • The contractor must complete and submit an Appropriate Data Use Agreement to ICIS in order to get access to and download ICF data from either th LRDW or the ICIS data portal. In order to download from the LRDW, the contractr will have to have either and IDIR account or a BCeID account.

  • I have found an error in the ICF cadastral data, how and to whom do I report this error?
  • In the next release of this web site we will have an error tracking tool for users of the ICF cadastral data to report issues back to the Parcel Fabric Section. In the meantime, issues can be reported to or

    Please include the ICF legal description, Local Government Area and PID or PIN number (if they exist) in any communication with the Parcel Fabric Section. Screen Shots also help to explain the problem (something about a picture is worth a thousand words)

  • Is the ICF cadastral fabric compiled to any kind of a standard?
  • Yes, the Parcel Fabric Section has compiled a specification and standard for compiling the ICF product. All maintained data meets this spec to a 98% confidence level.

    Integrated Cadastral Fabric Specification and Standard small PDF logo

  • Why does the ICF data not align with Tantalis data?
  • In most areas of the province you will find that ICF and Tantalis survey parcel data do not align to varying degrees of misalignment. This is because in most cases the ICF data has been derived from Local Government data and not from Tantalis.

    Local Governments have created their data using different methodologies and standards and generally have more information (more roads) and sometimes better information to position their data (ISA or GPS control).

  • Why is the information in the CrownAdministered (Administerd_By) field is incorrect?
  • PFS will look into this and correct it. Please note that this information is current to the day the Land Title attribute data is processed, therefore it is possible that older ICF data may not have the correct information in this field. This issue should be rectified once the area in question is in active maintenance.

  • Why is the Parcel in iMap is reporting as Crown Ownership when this Section is owned by the City of Williams Lake?
  • CROWN MUNICIPAL is the attribute for parcels owned by municipalities, whether they be Villages, Towns, Cities etc. All parcels that are Ministry owned, that is registered in fee simple with the LTSA as well as in the Crown Land Registry (Tantalis) will have the attribute CROWN PROVINCIAL. All Crown Agency owned parcels, i.e. Hydro, BC Rail etc, will also have the CROWN PROVINCIAL attribute.

  • Why are there typos in the ICF_Legal_Description?
  • The legal descriptions are sourced from attribute data provided by the Land Title and Survey Authority, Tantalis, as well as Parcel Fabric Section manual entry. ICF typos are inherited from these providers. Any typos that are found as a result of PFS manually entering the information will be corrected. Any typos found as a result of deriving the description from LTSA or Tantalis attributes through automated processes, will not be corrected until these data providers have corrected them in their database. If errors are found in the legal description other than typos, i.e. incorrect Land District, incorrect plan number, incorrect District Lot, Section etc., please forward these to the PFS for correction.

  • What do I do if I find a parcel incorrectly labelled with the wrong PID and legal description?
  • Please forward this along with a screenshot of the parcel in question as well as the legal description. We will further investigate for correction.