Parcel Fabric Section



The stakeholder community of interest associated with the ICF includes individuals, agencies and corporations involved with:

  • the direct management of rights and interests associated with the land base;
  • assessment and taxation;
  • definition and delineation of administrative boundaries;
  • the planning and execution of activities on the land base that may impinge on the rights and interests held by other parties;
  • the management of infrastructure facilities and assets associated with land parcels;
  • the planning and delivery of emergency response (e.g. fire, police, ambulance, etc.) and disaster recovery services (e.g. fire, flood, storm, earthquake, pandemic, etc); and,
  • the planning and delivery of services associated with ensuring the security of critical infrastructure
  • In general this community uses the ICF as a spatial index to land parcel related data and as a referential backdrop for registering other business related information






ICF Published Parcels in BC: 1,588,238
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