Geomark Web Service - Developer Guide

Geomark Overview

The geomark web service allows end-users and applications to Construct a new geomark for a Point, LineString, Polygon, Multi-Point, Multi-LineString, or Multi-Polygon geometry.The geometry in the geomark is immutable and cannot be modified.

The service allocates a unique identifier and URL that can be shared with other applications and users. The user or application can share URL with other users or applications. The URL can used to download the geomark info, geomark feature geometry, geomark parts geometry, geomark point geometry, geomark bounding box geometry, resources in different file formats and coordinate systems.

Geomark Expiry

Geomarks are designed to expire after 90 days. This avoids excess storage requirements for the geomark web service.

The geomark web service provides the geomark group functionality to prevent geomarks in that group from expiring. The geomark will not expire while it is a member of at least one geomark group.

Authorized applications can apply for one or more geomark groups for use in their application. The applications can add a geomark to a group to prevent it from expiring. When the application no longer needs the geomark they must delete a geomark from a group.

Accessing the Geomark Web Service

Geomark is a REST web service enabled application. The web service can be used by end users using a web browser. In this mode the service returns styled HTML pages that can be used without any programming. The web service can also be accessed using a programming language using the REST Web Service API. Client API's that use the REST Web Service API are provided for the Java and JavaScript programming languages. Other programming languages can also access the REST Web Service API using custom code.

API Documentation and Download

Use the links in the following table to view the API documentation or download the API libraries.

API Documentation Download
REST Web Service API API Docs n/a
Java (6+) API Docs Download
JavaScript API Docs Download