Mount Jacobsen

Feature Type:Mount - Variation of Mountain: Mass of land prominently elevated above the surrounding terrain, bounded by steep slopes and rising to a summit and/or peaks. ["Mount" preceding the name usually indicates that the feature is named after a person.]
Name Authority: BC Geographical Names Office
Relative Location: S side of Ape Lake, SE of Bella Coola, Range 3 Coast Land District
Latitude-Longitude: 52°03'29''N, 126°11'19''W at the approximate centre of this feature.
Datum: NAD83
NTS Map: 93D/1

Origin Notes and History:

Adopted 2 July 1953 on 93D.

Source: BC place name cards, files, correspondence and/or research by BC Chief Geographer/Geographical Names Office.

Elevation 9932 feet. Second highest mountain in area in keeping the prominence of Mr. B. Philippe who together with Reverend Saugstad were responsible for bringing Norwegian Settlement to the Valley (New Names,page 7, Names Sheet Bella Coola). File 93D. (Circa 1892).

Source: Canadian Geographical Names Database, Ottawa