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Name: Okwunalis
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Former First Nation Village
StatusClick here for an explanation of Status.: Not official.
Relative Location: W side Kingcome River, just above mouth, Range 1 Coast Land District
Latitude-LongitudeClick here for an explanation of Position Type.: 50°58'30''N, 126°10'45''W at the approximate population centre of this feature.
DatumClick here for an explanation of Datum.: NAD27
NTS MapClick here for an explanation of NTS Map.: 92L/16
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Origin Notes and History:

Translation: "beach body; sand bar in river." The name has also been written ukwana'lis. This village site supported the oolachen and salmon fishery; the surrounding area was utilized for hunting, trapping and timber harvesting, clover cultivation and berry picking. Other names for this location are Kwae and Gwa'yi.
Source: Museum at Campbell River (spring 2001)
The Tsawatainuk originated on the Kingcome River and their territories included the area drained by the Kingcome River. They shared rights to the important Kingcome River oolachen fishery with the Gwawaenuk, Hahuamis, Kwiksootainuk, Dlidliget, and some of the Nimpkish, whose principal territories lay outside this area. According to Mungo Martin, Okwunalis is the name of the village, but Gwa'yi, the name of the Kingcome River, is often used for the village (Galois 1994:108-111). Boas (1969) located Gwa'ye on the west side of the Kingcome River and Okwunalis nearby on the west side of the river.
Source: Museum at Campbell River (spring 2001)