Charity Lake

Feature Type:Lake - Inland body of standing water.
Name Authority: BC Geographical Names Office
Relative Location: Expansion of Ralph River near head, just S of Mount Albert Edward in Strathcona Provincial Park, Comox Land District
Latitude-Longitude: 49°39'33''N, 125°25'57''W at the approximate centre of this feature.
Datum: NAD83
NTS Map: 92F/11

Origin Notes and History:

Adopted 12 December 1939 on 92F/11, as submitted in 1935 by N.C. Stewart, BCLS.

Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office

One of three lakes; names taken from Corinthinans II, 13:13 "And now abideth Faith, Hope, Charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity."

Source: BC place name cards, files, correspondence and/or research by BC Chief Geographer/Geographical Names Office.